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  • The only platform that enables you to train the AI to to write the way you do
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Watch how you can write an entire sequence in under 30 seconds

Watch how you can personalize a contact in under 30 seconds with custom research

From SDR teams to sales agencies, the most effective teams use Copyfactory to power their copywriting workflows.

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Honestly, how much time do you spend copywriting?

Writing a sequence takes hours and manually personalizing every email just doesn't scale.
There is a better way.

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Writing a sequence takes hours

Nothing is more frustrating than spending 3 hours in a Google doc only to have your messaging not convert.

Other AI tools are inflexible and not built for sales workflows

Other tools give you zero control over the output and you end up crossing your fingers every time you hit generate.

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What if writing your next campaign was a breeze?

Copyfactory is the only copywriting platform with all the features you need to
write sequences and build custom personalization playbooks that convert more of your prospects.

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Drag-and-drop sequence creation

Simply drag-in the templates you want to generate, answer a few questions and hit generate. It's that easy.

Never done this before? Have our team write sequences for you directly in the platform.

Create unique personalization

Create personalization templates based on any prospect research.

Already doing personalization? Great - scale your current process and save hundreds of hours in the process.

Never done it before? Not an issue, with dedicated support and onboarding we will show you how to start creating impactful personalization to win more customers.

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Here are some of the ways people are personalizing their campaigns

Bring in your own research and create your own personalization exactly the way you want. We can't wait to see what you create!

Personalize based on prospect post

Automatically summarize and turn a prospect's LinkedIn post into a personalized sentence.

Personalize based on an event

Using a relevant event a prospect is attending you can automatically summarize the event and generate a relevant sentence.

Personalize based on a blog post or URL

Summarize an entire blog post into a personalized sentence, alternatively just use the blog URL and have the AI automatically extract the key ideas.

Personalize based on hiring board

Turn LinkedIn job board details for key roles into contextual sentences to send to your prospects.

Personalize based on prospects LinkedIn profile

Turn a prospect's LinkedIn profile into a personalized sentence by extracting key themes.

Inbound lead response

Turn a prospect's inbound form submission into a hyper-personalized response based on your form data.

Seamlessly integrate your entire stack

Open APIs, native integrations, and Zapier — Copyfactory works with all the sales tools your team already uses.

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Copyfactory gives you everything you need to write converting sequences and customized personalizations at scale…

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