Published March 7, 2023 in copywriting

How Buyer Personas Can Pave the Way for Better Cold Email Results

Eric Morris – Head of Growth
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Sending volume-based outbound campaigns to list with no segmentation? Here are some reasons why buyer personas will improve your cold email response rate.

Sending cold emails is rarely anyone’s favorite task. The idea of messaging a stranger and hoping they engage with your business without knowing how they’d react can make your stomach do somersaults. Still, cold emails to your potential clients can be a very effective way of connecting with promising prospects, especially if you do it the right way.

Crafting and implementing a proper cold email strategy can help you identify actual potential clients that would eventually become valuable customers in the long run. To get started, you’ll need to create buyer personas, which will help you tailor your emails to fit their interests and increase their likelihood of responding. Here’s what you need to know about it to improve your outbound email copywriting and enjoy better cold email results:

The Importance of Sending Cold Emails

Cold emails are vital for attracting new leads and drawing more potential customers. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your business’s confidence and commitment to building strong relationships with your target audience. Most of the time, prospects don’t show immediate interest in your product or service when receiving cold emails, so you’ll want to butter them up through a genuine connection.

Once your conversation has progressed to a specific point, the prospect then becomes a qualified lead, making it easier to engage with them. However, you’ll have to create even more impactful cold emails to pique their interest and hold meaningful conversations with them once you’ve established a connection.

Creating Your Buyer Persona

To enjoy more success with your cold emails, you’ll have to create your buyer persona. Doing this will help you understand who you’re writing to, enabling you to develop more personalized emails. Knowing your prospect’s title and email address is only the tip of the iceberg. It would help to know the company size, industry, how your offering solves their problems, priorities, pain points, what they talk about, and the experts they follow.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can delve more into what they read and what keeps them up at night and position your product or service as the unique solution that can finally bring them peace of mind. Once you’ve fleshed out your list of pertinent details, start building a list of contacts by researching potential prospects that meet the criteria you’ve narrowed down.

Understanding Your Buyer

Although you now have your list, you still need to answer some questions about your buyer. Figure out their plans, how they measure success, what keywords they use, and what their goals are. Coupled with streamlined email copywriting software, you’ll get closer to crafting award-winning emails that would capture their interest in your business.

To answer these questions, you’ll need to choose five to ten names from your list and look at their LinkedIn profiles. Take note of their background, education, recommendations, and job experiences. You’ll likely encounter common keywords with most of them and observe some themes about their career paths. You should write these down, as they will prove invaluable in your emails.

You can also conduct a social media audit to see what they’re interested in, giving you insight into their goals, preferences, and challenges. You’ll end up with personalized emails that will grab their attention and nudge them to do business with you instead of your competitor.


Buyer personas can take the anxiety out of cold emailing and help you feel more confident. By creating solid buyer personas, you’ll be on your way to perfecting the art of cold emailing and enjoying more enthusiastic responses from your prospects.

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