Published Feb. 27, 2023 in copywriting

What is Considered An Excellent Click Rate for Cold Emails?

Eric Morris – Head of Growth
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Looking to know what the proper cold email click-through rate is for cold emails? Read on to learn best practices and benchmarks you should be looking for when analyzing your outreach engagement rates.

Even with the emergence of new technologies and the rise of various sales and digital marketing trends, cold emailing remains among the most powerful tools to generate quality leads and drive sales. Despite the relatively bad reputation of cold emailing, it’s proven to be instrumental in the success of a business, as long as it’s used correctly.

Cold emails aren’t useless spam that just takes space in a recipient’s inbox—they can help you complete more sales and get you closer to achieving your business goals. With the use of reliable outbound email copywriting software and excellent design, your cold email may get you farther than any other marketing tactic ever could!

But, even with that said, cold emails don’t guarantee success, which is why it’s crucial to measure the click rate, among other metrics.

Determining the Success of Your Cold Emails

Simply sending cold emails won’t lead to great results. When it comes to cold emails, it’s crucial to understand the conversion metrics to determine your campaign’s success. Without measuring the metrics, you won’t figure out the number of emails that were opened, delivered, replied to, or converted.

Having a dedicated copywriting partner isn’t enough to have a successful email campaign. If you want to send out cold emails that convert leads to paying customers every time, you must measure their performance.

By tracking the necessary metrics, you’ll be able to identify areas where you can improve and increase the chances of success of your cold emails. With regular monitoring and improvement, your business could grow its customer base and drive sales through just cold emails!

Measuring the Click Rate

Many articles explore ways to get people to notice an email and read it. However, don’t mistake the opening of an email to be a landmark of success. Opening the email is only the first step; the primary goal of your email is to convince the recipient to complete the desired action.

The click-through rate or email click rate is one of the most important metrics when measuring the success of your email campaign because it focuses on how many completed an action. The click rate measures the number of clicks on a hyperlink, image, or CTA in an email—calculating the click rate will help determine whether your efforts and resources have been worth it.

To determine how your emails should be performing, take note of these numbers provided by Smart Insights:

  • The average email open rate should be between 15-25%
  • The average click-through rate should be about 2.5%
  • The average click-to-open rate should be between 20-30%

Although you must keep these numbers in mind, it’s also crucial to remember that your expected results may vary depending on the industry your business belongs to. If you’re in the food industry, you should have above-average open and click-through rates, but expect your email’s performance to be lower if you have an automotive business.


Emails have proven to be one of the best ways to reach your target audience, grow your customer base, and increase sales, but simply sending them out isn’t going to help your business. Besides crafting a well-written email with a dedicated copywriting partner, make sure to regularly measure your email’s performance so that you can achieve your marketing goals. With regular monitoring, you’ll have greater email performance!

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