Published March 10, 2023 in copywriting

Why the Email Preview Text Is Just as Important as the Subject

Eric Morris – Head of Growth
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Here are 5 reasons why the email preview text is important to optimize when sending cold emails.

We all know the importance of a good email subject and how it can engage your clients the moment they read that simple phrase. But what many don't realize is that there's another element that can help increase the click-through rate of your email campaigns.

Many email marketers create emails to have the exact message they want to convey. But sadly, most of their clients get a wave of emails in a day, giving them a limited amount of time to check and go through each one of them. Besides working on a killer subject line, you also need to improve your email's preview text to push your clients to open your email and browse through your carefully curated content

The preview text is often ignored when it comes to email marketing, but it's essentially one of the most important factors in any email campaign. With a proper preview text, you push your recipient to open and read your message, pushing them deeper into your sales funnel.

For businesses struggling with creating an effective email marketing campaign, it's crucial to work with a professional copywriting partner to create compelling content that will entice and engage your readers.

What is an Email Preview Text?

Email preview text or the pre-header is the text you see in your email inboxes after the sender and subject lines. This gives the recipient and preview of the content of your message. Usually, the email preview text is taken from the email message, but some marketers create unique preview text for a more effective and impressive introduction.

Ideally, you want your email preview text to be at least 35 to 90 characters long, but some copywriting partners push it to 140. This all depends on what you're trying to convey and your digital marketing strategy.

How Do I Create an Effective Email Preview Text?

1. The More Straightforward the Text, The More Effective It Is

Remember that your email is only one of the many emails your clients receive throughout the day. With that being said, you need to write an effective teaser with a compelling summary that will help intrigue your audience and push them to open your email.

2. Expand on the Subject

Keeping your subject line concise is crucial. With that, you can expand your subject further by creating a more detailed preview text so you can elaborate on your subject.

3. Utilize Action Words

When you include action words in your preview text, you convince your recipients of the importance and urgency of your message. This is because action words trigger engagement with your content, pushing them to open your emails right away.

4. Be Mindful of the Length

You don't want to bombard your readers with too much or too little information. Thankfully, there's a display limit that you can work with, so you can create an ideal preview text length that your readers can properly absorb. Remember to keep between 35 to 90 characters to ensure that it is seen and readable on all devices.

5. Do an A/B Test Preview Text

You want to know what works best for your audience, right? The best way to do this is by conducting an A/B Test to see what works and what makes your recipients open their mail. Testing your preview text will help you learn more about your audience's behavior, allowing you to create effective changes in your email campaigns.

The Bottom Line: Your Email's Preview Text Can Make or Break Your Email Campaigns

Now that most consumers are going digital and absorbing digital content, it only makes sense to your digital marketing game and improves your email campaigns. Besides putting the spotlight on your subject line, supporting characters like your preview text can make or break your campaigns as well.

For this reason, your team should work with professional copywriting partners so you can create strong email campaigns with the right elements to help boost your campaign's effectiveness and engagement.

How Can We Help You?

Email campaigns are just getting better and better, and it's only right that you take the necessary steps to improve your email strategies. And the best way to do this is by working with a solid copywriting partner.

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