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Content management system for sales

Manage your sales content with ease and maintain writers' flow by saving your reusable pieces of content (call to action, case studies, value propositions, etc) that are intuitively inserted with slash commands.

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Why do I need a content management system?

How often do you find yourself searching for a testimonial? Or maybe you find yourself typing the same call to action for every template. Content blocks make it easy for you to save any piece of content and quickly insert it into a sequence using slash commands.

Step 1 - create a block

Start by creating a new block, give it any name you find memorable as you will be able to search through your blocks directly in the editor while typing. You can also make a block global in order to have it available throughout all your profiles.

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Step 2 - insert content

Here is where you type or paste the content you want to save for later. In fact, you can even use slash commands while creating content blocks to insert other content blocks or merge fields. It's never been easier to manage your content.

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Step 3 - type '/' anywhere in the editor

Once a block is created you now only need to use the editors built-in slash commands to start searching for it. Type '/' as you type and search for your block by name. Finally, hit enter or click on the block to add it to the editor.

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Frequently asked questions
Yes, you can add links to your content blocks to easily create signature snippets, case study links, and more!
No, currently content blocks support text and links.
Yes, you can create a global content block which will be available in all your profiles.
We see users creating content blocks for entire emails, calls to action, testimonials, email signatures, and LinkedIn follow-ups.