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Create your own AI email templates

Create custom email templates that generate copy the way you want it by answering a few questions. Start by duplicating one of our base templates and editing them or start from scratch.

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Why do I need to custom email templates?

Don't rely on generic email templates that everyone uses. In Copyfactory you can build custom email templates using AI that speak in your brand voice to consistently experiment with your messaging and improve campaign engagement rates.
Here's how it works.

1. Select the questions you want to ask

Questions are what you are going to use you provide context to the AI. They are what will appear in the sequence editor as questions to answer or as inputs in the API that you will need to provide. You can have as many or as few questions as you need. It all depends on the type of template you want to create!

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2. Provide a few examples

For each question, you added you will need to provide 3 examples of it to train the AI. These examples can be re-used across your email templates so you only need to create them once.

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3. Write a few emails

The last step is to write 3 emails the way you would based on the example information you provided above. This guides the AI to learn how you want to use the questions you ask. The AI also has general knowledge of the world so it can just as easily summarize the information you provide or expand on it. You also have access to merge fields should your template need it. These merge fields will automatically adapt to your tool when you generate new templates in the editor or API. You have now created your own custom AI messaging model!

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Try it out

With your template complete you can provide new answers to the questions you need and the AI will use the examples and training you provided to generate a completely new template every-single-time. Remember, you can always clone your template and edit the email examples to make for longer or shorter template outputs based on the same training examples you provided.

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