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Done-for-you outbound copywriting

No time to write a sequence? Request a full email sequence written for you (or your clients) by our team of outbound copywriting experts and receive it in days. Unlimited revisions and ready to upload to your current sales automation platform.

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Why do I need done-for-you cold email copywriting?

Writing outbound emails is hard, the average response rate is under 1% - you can do better. We write concise copy using today's best practices to give your campaign the best chance of success.

Step 1: Submit a request

In minutes you can request a full email sequence. Simply fill out a form and provide audience details, and information on your product or service and we take it from there.

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Step 2: Make revisions

In under three days you will receive your first version of the sequence to review.

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Step 3: Approve and upload

Once approved, the sequence is yours. Edit, share, and change the sequence directly in the platform or upload it to your current sales automation platform.

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Frequently asked questions
Yes, reach out to sales or book a demo and we can share some work that we have done in the past.
No, sequences are written by real humans who have launched and personally managed hundreds of campaigns.
There are unlimited revisions for you to iterate until it matches what you are looking for.
Unfortunately, there are too many factors that go into a response rate such as delivery, data, offer, competition, etc for us to make a prediction or promise in response rates. Our goal is to act as an extension of your copy team and it's for that reason that we provide unlimited revisions.