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Hyper-personalize your outreach

Create playbooks that let you personalize every step of the sequence based on any contact research in seconds. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

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Why do I need to personalize contacts?

Personalizing your outreach is the most effective way of increasing your response rates. The challenge has always been that it takes too long to do manually and outsourcing is expensive and not scalable. With playbooks, you can create unique personalizations for all of your contacts without doing any of the reading, summarizing, or writing.

Create a personalization playbook

Copyfactory lets you create as many personalizations for your contacts as you need based on any research you have. This means you can finally use your contact research to full effect and create contextual snippets for your 1st step, 4th step, and 100th step in the sequence at once.

Auto-sync to your current sales automation platform

Copyfactory is designed to work with the tools you already use. When a contact is created you have the option to push it to as many of your tools as you want. This means you can automatically sync your personalized sentences and research to your CRM & sales automation platform

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Built-in contact management

Search, edit, export, push and manage your contacts with ease. Stop fussing with endless spreadsheets and worrying about duplicates. Manage your contacts directly in the platform and make any changes you need.

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Win at scale

You finally have a scalable way of creating winning campaigns without having your team manually write personalized emails. Here are just some of the benefits to sending personalized communications.

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Frequently asked questions
Playbooks allow you to generate personalized sentences using any research on your prospects and automatically sync those sentences to your CRM or sales automation tool.
You simply need to assign a sentence premise to a sentence field. You can have as many sentence premises in a playbook as you want. When you upload contacts, we will use the research you provide to generate a sentence for each sentence premise. If data is missing nothing is generated.