Contact personalization & sequence writing for Close

Close is a fantastic CRM and sales automation platform. With Copyfactory you can fuel your sequences with AI powered copywriting and automatic personalization of your close contacts to increase sequence response rates.

Write sequences

Generate sequences in seconds

Copyfactory will generate entire sales sequences in seconds using Close merge fields so that you are ready to start testing

Quickest editor to build multiple variations of your sequence and test messaging.
Merge fields.
Merge fields automatically work with Close. No more copy-pasting from a Google doc.
Unlike other AI writing tools you have full control over the generated content to have it write the way you do.
hero_image-3-write a sequence


Map your Close fields to Copyfactory

Using Copyfactory's data mappings you can automatically map our fields to your custom fields in Close to remove the need of exporting and importing.

Custom fields.
Push to your custom fields in Close
Many mappings.
Save as many different field configurations as you need.
hero_image-8-contacts page- integrations sync


Automatically push new contacts

When new contacts are created in Copyfactory you can automatically have them integrated with Close to create powerful workflows.

Create or update.
Before creating contacts we check if they already exist, if they do we update the contact, otherwise we create a new one.
Smart retry system will periodically try to push the contact if an error with Close occurs.
Be in the know.
Filter for recently synced contacts directly in Copyfactory.

“Working with Copyfactory, has been extremely helpful and saves me time in creating a reliable outbound email process. I can personalize outreach, but also check and scale it quickly. Features I like the most is the ability to teach the algorithms to use my tone, my language and sound like I want my emails to. This is helping to bring a new channel to our business for effective prospecting.”

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Director of Stakki

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
Simply connect your account using the normal authentication flow.
What if I want to remove or update the integration?
You can revoke or update your Close integration at any point directly in the platform.
Can I use custom fields?
Yes, you can directly assign contact fields in Copyfactory to your custom fields in Close to unlock powerful workflows and make personalization tasks a breeze.

Start building better Close workflows.

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