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Contact personalization & sequence writing for Salesloft

Salesloft is a leading sales automation with features to help you generate more conversations in less time. With Copyfactory you can fuel your sequences with AI powered copywriting and automatic personalization for all of your prospects to increase response rates - without any manual effort.

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Generate sequences in seconds

Copyfactory will generate entire sales sequences in seconds using Salesloft merge fields so that you are ready to start testing and iterating on your messaging.

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Map your Salesloft fields to Copyfactory

Using Copyfactory's data mappings you can automatically map our fields to your custom fields in Salesloft to remove the need of exporting and importing.

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Automatically sync new contacts to Salesloft

When new contacts are created in Copyfactory you can automatically have them integrated with Salesloft to create powerful workflows.

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Copyfactory has all you need to improve conversions in Salesloft

Seamlessly integrate your entire stack

Open APIs, native integrations, and Zapier — Copyfactory works with all the sales tools your team already uses.

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